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Student Services Department

Student Family Support Specialists

Fremont City Schools has 4 Student Family Support Specialists.

They will help serve as a liaison and break down the barriers that interfere with the ability of students to successfully learn in school.

They can also help students and families with the needed resources within the community.

The main goal is to help families and children solve problems that interfere with school success.

Here at Fremont City Schools we want all children to succeed academically, socially and emotionally.

Portrait of Dawn Ohms, Student Family Support Specialist Dawn Ohms Lutz & Otis 419-680-3658 - Cell 419-332-0091 - Lutz Office 419-332-8964 - Otis Office
Portrait of Jason Smith, Student Family Support Specialist Jason Smith Ross 419-307-5428 - Cell 419-334-5423 - Ross Office
Portrait of Reagan Reau, Student Family Support Specialist Reagan Reau FMS 567-201-8131 - Cell 419-332-5569 - FMS Office
Portrait of Allyson Webb, Student Family Support Specialist Allyson Webb Atkinson & Croghan 567-201-8857 - Cell 419-332-5631 - Atkinson Office 419-332-1511 - Croghan Office