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Superintendent's Office

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Greetings Fremont Families,

I am old enough to remember the Blizzard of ‘78. I can still tell well-worn stories about those days so many years ago. I remember my mother was brought home on a snowmobile from the hospital. She was a nurse and had been stranded there two days because the roads were not yet passable. I remember that after we finally did get back to school, the mirrors on the bus scraped the snow piles on both sides of the road. I remember... 

Do you think we will tell the same kind of stories years from now about COVID? I remember there wasn’t any toilet paper. I remember a drive-in graduation. I remember professional sports games with no fans in the stands. I remember going to school two days a week. I remember…

There is something that I know we will remember about our current age, and that is the fact that during this time the citizens of Fremont passed a levy and built 4 new elementary schools and a new high school. We did this during a worldwide pandemic. We did this while there were steel tariffs, supply chain disruptions, political and social demonstrations and labor shortages. When the high school opens in January of 2022, the oldest building in the district will be the “new” middle school at 10 years old. We have set our students up for generations of success in the middle of a lot of chaos. 

I know I will look back and remember how proud I was of our community. I will remember…

Jon Detwiler

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