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Student Services Department

Student Services Department

About the Department

The Student Services Department coordinates a selection of programs and supports to address the needs of all students. The Department provides services in the areas of special education, school psychology, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, physical therapy, adapted physical education, school counseling, preschool, nursing services, mentoring, behavior management, and social work services.

Search for Children with Disabilities

The Fremont City School District is obligated to locate and evaluate all children, ages three through twenty-one, within the district, with suspected disabilities. Specific eligibility criteria vary with the age of the individual but can include delays in communication; cognitive functioning; adaptive behavior; and sensory, physical and/or social/emotional development. Please contact us if you have a child who may qualify for services from the school district.

Federal Funds Assist Students with Special Needs

Annually, Fremont City Schools receives Part-B IDEA Special Education funds from the federal government to assist in providing services to students with disabilities in the Fremont school system, as well as at Bishop Hoffman Catholic Schools and Temple Christian Academy. These funds help to provide instruction and supplies for students with disabilities. The funds also offset tuition costs for students in specialized programs housed outside of the district. Questions and suggestions concerning use of these federal funds can be directed to the Director of Student Services.