Curriculum Department

Curriculum Department

A Letter from Curriculum Director Denice Hirt

"When the sun is shining I can do anything; no mountain is too high, no trouble too difficult to overcome." Wilma Rudolph

As we complete one school year and prepare to transition to another, I hope everyone can take a few sunshiny moments to rest and relax. As a community, we have had several challenges this spring. This is a time for us to share some sunshine and goodness.

Summer is also a time for us to continue to learn and grow. I encourage every learner from preschool to graduate to use this summer to investigate something new or review an idea that is familiar. In Fremont City Schools we follow Ohio’s Learning Standards to help us know what parts of the content we should be learning at each stage of the game. All of the Standards are broken down into grade levels and specific content areas and can be located on the Ohio Department of Education's website.

Ohio's Learning Standards

As an educator, every year I worry about the down time for students that summer provides. This summer is no exception. I encourage all learners to keep learning, and remember that it Takes More to Be a Little Giant!

Yours in summer learning,

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Denice M. Hirt
Director of Curriculum, Assessment, & Staff Development