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School Menus

Menus are subject to change without notice. Please contact Mrs. Berndt at 419-334-5440 with any menu questions.

Menu Planning

Meals are planned to meet established USDA meal nutrient requirements as well as appeal to our customers.

One of our regulatory agencies, the United States Department of Agriculture ( USDA), specifies required nutrient levels that must be met for six key nutrients ( Calories, Protein, Fat, Vitamin C, Vitamin A and Iron) in meals when averaged over a week.  These nutrient requirements are similar to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans as written for specific age groups.  We know that children receive the benefits from their meals only if they eat the meal so we take care to plan meals that appeal to our customers.

From experience we know it takes between three to five exposures for a student to try a new food. We offer at least 2 choices at the elementary level to assure that we meet a variety of preferences with one item a day being vegetarian in nature (cheese, yogurt or nuts). As children get older we offer more menu selections.

You might wonder how we know what students like. We gain this information through 3 primary methods:

Selections taken
Plate waste observation
Asking them directly

Considerations in Menu Planning

Beyond preferences discussed above our menus are planned keeping 2 other considerations in mind. First and foremost is food safety. Our department has a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) Program throughout to reduce the chances of a food borne illness. Our staff is a very qualified group of employees that are regularly trained through our professional development. However when one is off we use substitute staff that while very energetic do not have the same level of training. To avert food bone illness through cross contamination or under cooking or improper cooling of leftovers, we use primarily precooked protein products. This also helps us offer more choices in our menus as food preparation does not take as much time as it did before.

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