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2019-2020 Child Nutrition Department Changes

In an effort to reduce waste, reduce outstanding debt, and create an efficient food service environment, FCS will be making a few changes throughout the food service program which will take effect at the start of the 2018-2019 school year. These changes will help our cafeterias and school meal programs function as efficiently as possible.

CEP will remain in place for all elementary schools, providing free breakfasts and lunches for all elementary students. Full paid breakfast prices will increase to $1.35 at both FMS and Ross. Reduced price breakfasts will remain at $0.30. Full priced lunches at FMS will now cost $2.70 and reduced cost lunches will remain at $0.40. Full priced lunches at Ross High School will now cost $2.90 and reduced cost lunches will remain at $0.40. Milk prices will be $.050. Adult lunches will remain at $3.00 throughout the district.

Students are not able to charge unlimited meals to their accounts. Once a student’s meal account has reached a -$10.00 balance, the student will be unable to charge any meals. If a student has reached the spending limit on the account and is unable to purchase a meal, they will be offered a reimbursable meal determined by the Child Nutrition Supervisor. If a student continues to attempt to purchase meals but is unable to do so due to a negative meal balance, then the Cafeteria Manager will be responsible for contacting the Child Nutrition Supervisor so that a phone call can be made to the parent or guardian. Students who qualify for free meals will be able to receive their meals at no cost, but will be unable to make additional charges for extra items if their accounts have passed the -$10.00 limit. Students who receive reduced price meals will be unable to charge any meal or extra items to their accounts and will be required to pay cash for meals at the time of purchase if their accounts have reached the -$10.00 limit. Low and/or negative balance alerts will go out via text, phone and/or email message twice a week to alert the parent/guardian. The notifications will continue until the balance is paid in full.

If there are any questions or concerns, please direct them to Abby Berndt, Child Nutrition Supervisor, at or 419-334-5440.

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